Sunday, May 3, 2009


Marriage is like a vagina when it stops feeling good it's time to move on. For a long time I would introduce my wife as such "Hello, this is my first wife, Jenny." But it was for all fun and games until I realize she didn't cook me dinner tonight, then I started questioning everything. The foundation of our happy marriage rest upon two certainties, 1. I always have a meal on the table upon entering from a long day of hard work (i.e sitting at my desk for 8 hrs looking like I am working). 2. I always have a pair of fresh underwear when I get ready for work..... Both have failed today....... In this hard economy it is important to have a fresh pair of bloomers because at and minute you could be laid off and shitting your pants. Have you ever shit your pants when they where already dirty. Disguising!

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